'Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.'

- Coco Chanel

'Beauty - The real picture'

Why should you sign up for the workshop?

We know that self-esteem and body image are prevalent issues for pre-teen and teenage girls, particularly as we live in a society that is focused on beauty and perfection. We want to empower our girls to feel unique and beautiful, and to know that their inner beauty is more important than anything else. 

Every girl deserves to have healthy self-esteem, self-worth and to feel positive about their body!

what is the workshop about?

'Beauty - The Real Picture' program focuses on the development of healthy self-esteem and positive body image and has been designed specifically for girls aged 10 -12. The goal of the workshop is to engage girls around these topics while their opinions of themselves are still forming.

The program educates girls about the concepts of self-esteem and body image and helps them to identify how they currently feel about themselves. It addresses how and why young girls develop certain views of themselves by looking at the experience of puberty, and the impact society and the media (including social media), have on shaping our views on our bodies. The program explores the reasons behind our own individual physical characteristics, body shape and size, celebrates diversity and encourages the girls to accept their physical appearance. Most importantly, the program builds self-esteem through identifying each girls own individual and unique set of skills and qualities.


The participants are empowered to accept and love themselves, just the way they are.  

The program is delivered in a fun and engaging way using a variety of activities, teamed with the use of multimedia and interactive discussion. 

what does the workshop achieve?

After completion of the program the participants will:

  • Be educated about self-esteem and body image and gain valuable insight into how they feel about themselves and their bodies.

  • Feel more informed and aware of the things that influence self-esteem and body image, particularly the media’s role. 

  • Have an understanding of how the experience of puberty can contribute to changing views on their body and physical appearance.

  • Acquired knowledge regarding the reasons behind individual physical appearance, body shape and size. 

  • Gained useful tools to begin changing negative views about themselves and their bodies.

  • Recognise and understand that many young girls experience similar feelings around these topics, creating a sense that they are not alone.

  • Feel inspired, empowered and motivated to accept and embrace who they are. 

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