"The program gave me confidence and  taught me to stand up for myself and be proud of who I am."

"I loved the program. I learnt to love me because I am unique and absolutely beautiful."

Feedback about our workshops

"I loved the program! It helped me to be confident and to love the way I look."

"The program was amazing. It taught me to be happy to be myself and not to change for other people."

"The  program helped me to understand that I'm amazing just the way I am."

"This program has made me feel more comfortable and confident."

What girls are saying about the Program...

"The program really boosted my self-esteem. It taught me I am unique and beautiful." 

"I learnt to be myself and embrace my inner self. I am beautiful no matter what people think."

“YES!!! Because some girls our age don’t like themselves for who they are, and that is not a good thing. After this program I think girls will have a better understanding of true beauty!” 

"Yes, because it teaches them to be themselves and not to care about outer beauty. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!"

"Yes, I believe this is a great program for girls because it helped me feel better about myself and

encourages people to be more positive about their bodies.” 

"Yes, because girls need to learn to love themselves."

would you recommend the Program to other girls?

"Yes, because the program makes you feel good about yourself and feel more comfortable and confident."

"Yes definitely. It was totally amazing and 10-12 year old girls should definitely go"

         What parents are saying about the program...

what parents are saying about the program...

"The girls were both on top of the world tonight and were so keen to show us all of the issues that were covered today and the things that they made. The workbook is so bright and informative which they will cherish. They had an absolutely amazing day. They both said that it was so much fun that they would like to go to one of your days every School Holidays! Thanks for such an amazing opportunity."

"My daughter really enjoyed the day. It was so important and relevant to us because kids at school start getting very judgemental about their peers around this age, especially if you look a little different.

Thank you heaps for the wonderful job you do." 

"Thank you so much. My daughter had a wonderful experience and came home so happy."

"My daughter loved the day and couldn't wait to tell me about photoshop and Barbie! I have talked to her about photoshop before but I loved that she heard it from somewhere else and she had some great examples and stories to tell me! She loved all the activities and was really positive about it. Thanks again."

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