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The tween talk workshops have been designed and developed for girls aged 8-12 years.

There are six workshops, All of the topics have been chosen because of their

relevance to pre-teen girls.

Navigating Friendships in a Girls' world

It is well documented that there are enormous benefits to healthy friendships in both childhood and adulthood, however navigating friendships throughout pre-teen years can be challenging and difficult. As your tweens friendships start to become more important to her, it is crucial for her to be able to seek out healthy relationships and identify the negative ones.

This workshop focuses on relationships between friends, the benefits of friendship and what healthy friendships look and feel like. We will discuss the changing dynamics between tween girls, how to handle issues when they pop up in friendship groups, how to spot a toxic friendship and what to do about it. We will also explore what qualities are important in friendships, how to be a good friend, and identify what characteristics each girl has that makes them a great friends to others. 

A Girl's guide to making good decisions

Research tells us that the part of the brain responsible for decision making is still maturing well into adulthood. Your tweens brain is not yet equipped to make complex decisions, and as adolescence approaches they will be faced with more and more choices. 


During this workshop we will explore the types of decisions your tween faces in their life and identify which they find the most challenging. They will be provided with practical tools around how to make good and well thought out decisions, as well as thinking about real life consequences of their choices. We will discuss how to reevaluate poorly made decisions so that these mistakes won't repeat themselves. 

During puberty your pre-teen's emotions can become intense and unpredictable. Mood swings are common, and emotions such as frustration, confusion and anger can be the norm. This can lead to increased conflict and difficulty handling challenges and obstacles thrown their way.


This workshop will help your tween explore these intense emotions and help them to understand the  link between the emotional changes they experience and puberty. We will discuss the wide range of challenges and obstacles your tween faces day to day, and what sort of feelings and emotions these events bring to the surface. We will help your tween understand that feelings and emotions are normal, while highlighting that dealing with situations while emotional may not always elicit the best outcome. We will specifically teach your tween how to respond to situations, rather than be reactive, and provide them with the tools they need to accomplish this.

Problem solving without the DRAMA!

Puberty is a time when your child will undergo many physical, emotional and mental changes. This can be a very overwhelming time when pre-teens will experience a range of emotions including anxiety, fear and for some excitement. Providing more information to young people about puberty can help to lessen the anxiety and assist them feel more confident and prepared about what lays ahead.

This workshop will focus on providing girls with information around puberty and what to expect. We will explore the many emotions that girls feel about going through puberty and help them to understand these emotions are normal and common between peers. We will cover both the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty, giving them specific information about what to expect. We will identify any fears they may have and work to decrease their concerns. We will also discuss how their changing bodies may bring up some different emotions and thoughts about their physical appearance and discuss how this may affect self-esteem.

Secret Girls' business!

Life online - lessons for tweens

Many pre-teens spend a significant amount of time online and are very much engaged with the digital world. This includes messaging, and of course the use of social media. Online relationships are very important to young people, so being well informed, and developing good practices are essential to a positive online presence, and healthy online relationships.

During this workshop we will explore your tweens digital footprint and identity. We will focus on their communication both through messaging and online forums, assist them to understand that online actions have real life consequences and that their choices now can impact them in the future. We will help them to develop their own individual netiquette to guide them during their online interactions. We will look at social media and its potential effects on self-esteem, and help your tween learn how to make good choices around social media use.  We will also discuss cyberbullying, how to deal with it and who to turn to. 

don't just dream it, do it!

Dreams and goal setting are important factors in helping us pave a path to success. Successful goal setting is a learned skill, and one that can be extremely beneficial to learn during our pre-adolescent years. This skill not only helps our pre-teens learn how to achieve their current goals, it is a great asset to have going into high school, where planning for the future is important and encouraged.

This workshop will cover the importance of dreaming and setting goals. We will discuss your tweens specific dreams and goals in all facets of their lives, and provide them with tools to set achievable and attainable goals. They will be taught specific goal setting techniques and learn how to put these into practice.  The girls will also be taught how to evaluate their goals to make sure they stay on track.

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